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21043 Sedation Dentist

At the office of Edward J. Sharkey DMD, your trusted 21043 sedation dentist is committed to helping patients with dental anxiety feel more relaxed during care. Whether you’re particularly nervous about a procedure or are overcome with apprehension at the mere thought of undergoing dental work, Dr. Sharkey and his caring staff are here to ease your mind and help you relax, so that you can receive the high-quality dental care you need.

21043 Sedation Dentist

Typically, conscious sedation has three levels: nitrous oxide (otherwise known as laughing gas), oral sedatives, and IV sedation. Nitrous oxide, which is a sedation method that involves inhalation to take effect, is generally utilized for patients experiencing mild to moderate anxiety. The effects wear off quickly, and you will not require an escort when leaving the office. An oral sedative can come as a pill or liquid and relaxes patients experiencing moderate to severe anxiety. The effects last longer, and while you require an escort home; you may also require an escort to your 21043 sedation dentist if the sedative is taken before the appointment, as may be prescribed. Another choice is care is intravenous sedation, which is administered by a properly trained and certified healthcare professional and is used to treat elevated levels of anxiety. This form of sedation takes immediate effect, and you will require an escort from the office. Whatever form of sedation suits your specific needs, you will be carefully supervised and monitored throughout the course of care, and will feel completely at ease throughout your procedure.

When it comes to keeping patients calm throughout every step of their dental procedure, Dr. Sharkey is dedicated patient care and comfort. For more information about how we can help ease you through your dental work, schedule an appointment with your 21043 sedation dentist today.

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