Where can I find a 21043 Dental Implants?

At the office of Edward J Sharkey DMD, we provide state-of-the-art treatment to help patients reestablish healthy, beautiful smiles. If you are struggling with tooth loss, visit our office to find out about all our options for tooth replacement, including 21043 dental implants. Using this advanced method of care, we can recreate the look, feel and function of a natural smile with incredibly lifelike results.

21043 Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a more common problem than you may think; studies show that 178 million people across the United States are missing at least one tooth and 35 million are completely edentulous. If you have lost your teeth for any reason, including periodontal disease, decay or injury, our 21043 dental implants can rebuild your smile to improve your oral function, appearance, and enhance your quality of life. With dental implants you can once again enjoy all your favorite foods and speak and smile with renewed confidence and ease. Dental implants behave in much the same way as the roots of natural teeth. Designed as a small surgical post, implants are made of biocompatible materials, which integrate with your jawbone to support a customized dental prosthesis. While other methods of tooth replacement offer functional and cosmetically pleasing results, dental implants offer several advantages. Dental implants not only make it possible to replace teeth without compromising any adjacent teeth, but they also help prevent bone shrinkage in the edentulous (“toothless”) area. An individual implant can support an individual dental crown, just as your natural tooth root supports your natural tooth, while multiple ones can support a customized fixed bridge or removable overdenture.

Replacing missing teeth with 21043 dental implants can improve your health, confidence and appearance. At the office of Edward J Sharkey DMD, we provide personalized solutions for all your dental healthcare needs. To find more about dental implants or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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